Rhodium Plating

Most white gold jewellery, and in some cases silver jewellery are coated in a precious metal called Rhodium. This precious metal gives your white gold jewellery a bright white appearance.

Since gold is naturally yellow, even white gold can have a slight yellow tint where the rhodium coating might have worn off. If your white gold jewellery is looking a little yellow, its time to get it recoated in Rhodium.

We recommend having your white gold jewellery rhodium plated every 6-12 months to ensure its crisp white shine is maintained.

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Pricing for rhodium plating starts at only $60.00 and all work is carried out onsite at our North Shore workshop. Your items are also fully insured while on our premises.

We will give your jewellery a full clean and polish and check all stones to ensure they are secure. We also can provide you with a no obligation quote if extra work might be required.

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Common Questions

We recommend plating your jewellery every 6-12 months. If you wear your jewellery all day everyday, then you may need to do it sooner.

Pricing starts at $60.00 and is based on how big the item is.

We can plate almost anything! Typically most white gold jewellery is rhodium plated. Some silver jewellery is also rhodium plated.

We can rhodium plate just the white gold parts of your jewellery by masking the yellow gold and protecting it.

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