Jewellery Services are New Zealand’s leading jewellers. We can resize rings of all styles and precious metals including silver, gold, platinum and palladium.

We can resize both new and old jewellery including antique items. We will also assess your items if there is any additional work that might need doing and can provide you with a no obligation quote.

If you have a ring that needs to be cut off, we can also perform this in a way that makes it easier for a repair to take place after the ring has been removed.

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Pricing for resizing starts at only $45.00 and all work is carried out onsite at our North Shore workshop. Your items are also fully insured while on our premises.

We will size your finger while you are onsite and will give you expert service to ensure that the sizing is perfect for you. Many factors need to be taken into account when properly sizing a ring and we size 100+ rings a day, so we know what we are talking about.

Trust the experts, trust Jewellery Services.

Common Questions

We can usually resize most rings within a 5 working day turnaround. Sometimes, for more complex work, it may take a little longer.

Pricing depends on the type of precious metal (silver, gold, platinum, etc) and how many sizes its changing. Pricing starts from $45.00

If your ring is unable to come off, we have special tools that can be used to cut it off. Once your finger returns to its normal size, we can then check the size of your finger and resize the ring.

We can still resize rings that have diamonds and gemstones. After we resize the ring, we will also check to make sure all the stones are still secure.

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