General Services

Rhodium Plating

White gold, and in some cases sterling silver jewellery requires plating in rhodium to keep its crisp white colour. White gold can become yellow over time without regular plating. We recommend having your jewellery plated every 12 months.

Clean & Polish

Keep your jewellery looking its best by having it professionally cleaned every 12 months. We have a range of equipment that can clean even the most delicate of items.

Chain, Bracelet & Bangle Repair

Chains can often require rejoining, clasp replacements or repair work. We use high powered lasers to rejoin most chains which leave no messy solder.


Specialist Services

Laser Claw Re-tipping & Repairs

We use laser welders to perform most claw work. These high powered lasers allow ultra-fine details and are safer to use when working next to precious gemstones such as Emerald or Ruby.


Diamond & Gemstone setting is a highly specialised skill and very few jewellers are capable of completing this to a high standard. We use high powered microscopes and have inhouse dedicated setters that can complete even the most difficult of jobs.

Laser Engraving

We have specialist laser equipment from Italy capable of etching and engraving most items. We carry out a full clean and polish with every engraving.

Pearl Rethreading & Gluing

Our highly experienced pearl technician can perform a range of pearl services including rethreading, knotting & gluing. We can also source a range of catches and clasps.

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